For almost 10 years every single Lunt Solar Product has been American made and individually tested to the highest safety regulations and standards. Lunt takes safety very seriously, and the testing of any filter or scope is done by a person who can take full responsibility for the safety and performance of a solar product. A person who understands the design and function of all safety elements.

At Lunt Solar Systems, we do our very best to provide a quality product at an affordable price. We are also very proud to put “Made in the USA” on all our Telescopes and Filter products. Whether you are looking for a dedicated Solar Telescope or a Solar Filter, we are here to help.

Our SUNsafe Products are:

  • ISO 12312-2 (2015) certified to meet the standard for direct Solar viewing.
  • Designed, manufactured and independently Sun tested for quality and safety.
  • 100% safe and guarantee the highest viewing quality.
  • We test 100% of our SUNoculars on the Sun and use either ISO 12312-2 certified film in our mini SUNoculars or a combination of ND and IR blocking optical design in our standard SUNoculars.

That’s right…. We test ALL our products on the Sun using qualified personnel.

About Andrew Lunt

With 25 years of optical design, testing, and manufacturing of ultra precision flats, mirrors, filters, and etalon assemblies, and 18 years direct experience with solar related systems, I take great pride in having every Filter personally tested. I do this in order to assure the best quality control possible.

This process removes any doubt as to what any issue might be and whether or not they should be addressed. Whether it be alignment, off-band, astigmatism, pinching, pin holes, banding, etc.— none of these issues are overlooked.

I feel that if the customer receives the product in the same condition that it left the factory, they will be very 100% satisfied.

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