Your Eclipse Checklist

Protective eye gear

Buy your protective eye gear in advance — they are likely to sell out!

Make travel arrangements

Be sure to have a parking and viewing location planned out in advance in order to avoid traffic delays.

Comfort, skin care, and snacks

Phases of partiality can last around 90 minutes total. Make sure you are prepared to be in the sun before and after the totality of the eclipse by bringing a hat, sunscreen, water, and any other provisions you feel you may need.

Have major times plotted out

Plan ahead to optimize your viewing experience. Know when and where you want to view the eclipse and give yourself enough time to reach your destination.

Reliable timepiece

Carry watch to track the transition of eclipse phases. You don’t want to miss the short window of totality!

Enjoy this incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience

Bring a journal, sketchpad, or voice recorder to help you accurately recall this amazing astronomical event in the future. It may also be fun to bring a thermometer, flag, and compass to observe the changes in wind and temperature that occur throughout the eclipse.

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