A handful of eclipse perspectives

Not so Fun Fact

In 2015, Germany experienced a major eclipse event. Eclipse Glasses were in short supply in the weeks prior to the event. Social media was going crazy and people were frantically trying to buy/borrow the needed equipment. There are reports that glasses were selling on e-bay for as much as 25 Euros.

Once they ran out the Government issued a warning that anyone who did not have eclipse glasses was to stay indoors. Everyone in the USA will witness at least a partial eclipse. Do not be left in the dark without the ability to view the event. Glasses and SUNoculars are currently inexpensive. Get them now.

Fun Fact

Due to the phenomenon of Bailey’s Beads (seen right before and after totality), and the Diamond Ring, totality is often followed by a marriage proposal. The unforgettable and emotional experience of a Total Solar Eclipse is the perfect lead-in to a “yes.” I have seen several proposals.

Andy’s Experience

I have been in the Sun business for almost 25 years. I have experienced two Totalities. I still remember the surreal and otherworldly feelings I had during the event.

Total vs Partial Eclipse

I am often asked by people, “Will I be able to see the eclipse from my back yard?” The answer is yes you can but it will be a partial eclipse. The reply is often, “A partial will be good enough.”

A partial eclipse is cool, but you can see a partial anytime. No big deal. We’ve had partials before in the USA. Do you remember them? Everyone will be asking if you witnessed totality… This is an opportunity for us to easily travel just a few hundred to maybe a thousand miles within the USA to experience this event.

It has never been easier. I’ve had to travel as far as Easter Island, a long journey, but well worth the effort.

No matter where you end up. Remember to put down the tech and simply look up.

Andy Lunt
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