Start Preparations for the Eclipses Now

We are now less than eight months away from the start of the action!!

The Annular Solar Eclipse will be on Saturday October 14, 2023!  It will be seen across many U.S. States but to see the “Ring of Fire” you will have to be in specific locations.  Here is a list of cities where you can see this Solar eclipse in it’s full glory.

Then just 6 months after that we’ve got a Total Solar Eclipse on Monday April 8, 2024.  Both Solar Eclipses will traipse across the U.S. allowing millions of people to experience these incredible events.  

Think it’s too early to get your Solar Eclipse Viewing Gear?  Think again! 

We have our signature 6×30 and 8×32 SUNoculars and The Lunt Solar Eclipse Glasses for Adults and Kids ready for purchase on Amazon right now!!  Get yours on order today!! 

Want your very own Lunt Solar Telescope for the Eclipse?  If you plan to travel the 40mm50mm or the 60mm will be your best bet.  However if you live in the path of either solar eclipse you can go bigger into our 80mm100mm even the 130mm.  Let us help you.  Contact our Sales and Tech Team today. They are standing by to help you select that perfect scope.

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